Strictly BMW Independent Service prides itself on great service. We believe in establishing a relationship with every person that comes into our shop. Read what some of our customers have to say about us.

“I like Strictly BMW because they not only fix old BMWs, but its employees drive, race, and own them. Brian and Andrew can tell me what tires to buy, what suspicious noises are worrisome, and where to go to for a new soft top. They even replaced my window fuse as a drive-up repair, so I could roll it up one rainy day. I’ve also had several unscheduled shuttle rides: one of a number of ways they go the extra mile. And I can make appointments and get estimates and updates via email at my desk. Thanks guys!”

Mari Broman Olsen

“I’ve relied on Strictly BMWs cutting edge knowledge to service our family’s Bimmers for years. Straight car talk – from maintenance to major repair – is what I expect, and with their unwavering integrity, get! Not to mention, too, their tenacity at diagnosing problems to its resolution. They are the ultimate friendly professionals!”

Ann Glidewell

“Being in the customer service business myself, I know that you typically only hear negative feedback so I wanted to make a point of sending you a note to thank you for your exceptional service. It’s been an absolute pleasure. Now days it’s hard to find mechanics who you can trust are looking out for the customer’s best interest rather than just their bottom line. I truly appreciated your honesty and care and how you went above and beyond several times to make sure I had a good experience.

Because of this I will continue to refer people to you guys and tell them to be sure and say, ‘Jodi sent me!’.

Cheers, from a more than satisfied customer!”

Jodi P.

Dear Future Customer,

I know what you are thinking as you read this letter. These days it is hard to find a reliable, reasonably priced and honest auto repair shop, isn’t it? Today’s cars are becoming increasingly complicated to maintain, and sometimes you don’t even know exactly what a shop did to fix your car. Often, you pay the bill and kind of hope that you didn’t get ripped off.

Strictly is not your typical shop. You will never walk out the door feeling like maybe you should have gone elsewhere for your services.

I hate to admit this because I never told Strictly what I was doing but I think that it will help you understand why I trust them exclusively with my three BMWs: I used to take my car to two shops.

Strictly was reserved for “special” repairs on my 325i, and “standard” repairs were handled by a “typical” shop. I thought I was saving a few dollars in the labor rate and was rather proud of my penny-wise strategy. After a year of doing this I realized that my plan was backfiring. My “typical” shop couldn’t handle some of my car’s “standard” repairs. They didn’t have the tools, couldn’t access the parts or worse yet had no idea what to do to get me and my car back on the road.

I was spending more money on the extra hours of labor to pay the “typical” shop to figure my car out. In the meantime, I didn’t have a car to drive. Once I realized this costly and inconvenient trend; that was it! I go to only one shop now. I am confident Strictly is the best in the region, and that I AM saving money.

A shop that does good work at a reasonable price is one thing but a truly great shop also has truly great people.

From the first day we bought our 325i in 1996 we have worked with the team at Strictly. Derek is an incredible manager who understands quality, responsibility and value to the customer. Andrew has literally saved me thousands of dollars with his advice regarding my 840i. He also has an uncanny way of explaining complicated repairs so that anybody can understand what is going on with their car.

All of the techs are the best talent at what they do, and you can tell that they have a passion for BMWs. When my son got a needy 1975 2002 for his first car, we were extremely impressed with the enthusiasm the entire team at Strictly had to help him learn about car care and maintenance.

In fact, Strictly impresses me every time I have my cars serviced.

I’ve said many times that I would hate to buy a Mercedes, Porsche or Audi. Why? They build some marvelous cars but I couldn’t take them to Strictly BMW. It is a good thing that I am as passionate about BMWs as they are! :)

May you enjoy as many happy miles in your BMW(s) with Strictly on your team as I have!

Janis Hauser
BMWCCA PNW Region Member since 1996

“I’ve been a customer of strictly for over 5 years now and the customer service I’ve received from the staff over the years has been the best I’ve ever received in the industry. You never feel as if they don’t have the time of day for your questions. When my M3 was hit 3 years ago I refused to take the car to the dealer because Strictly is the only shop I trust.”

Joshua Gardiner

“I’ve been a Strictly BMW customer for 10 years and the service has always been professional, courteous, and consistent. My cars are always ready when promised and they proactively contact me with updates or changes. Strictly BMW does a good job of pointing out preventative maintenance service to consider, because of this I save money down the road. I’ve never had to take a car back to fix the same problem and thus have never considered taking any of our BMW’s anywhere else.”

Emerson Gregorios

“Bringing my 5 BMW’s over 8 years to Strictly BMW for superb and uncompromising technical advice and maintenance… excellent.
Being treated to the best auto customer service I have ever experienced… unbelievable.
Having Strictly BMW maintain and modify your 1995 M3 track car… Priceless!”

Pete Knoetgen

“The service is fantastic. You’re willing to talk and spend time with me, explain something and give me time to ask questions. As a result, I never feel like you’ve got more important things to do.”

Jose Bazan